Tiary eyes, Fairy Lives.

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Tiary Eyes

Nude Black One Day

Nude Black is natural, suitable for those girls who love the simple style.

Nude Brown One Day

Comparing to the nude black, the Nude Brown has a lighter color, and more charming.

Pale Green

Pale Green is more mix blood, with the light green color, adding you more glamor.

Pale Brown

Comparing to the Nude Brown, the Pale Brown has the lighter color and which is more transparent and dynamic.

Shiny Bronze

Shiny Bronze is more like the Pale Brown, but the Shiny Brown has a different outer ring, which is the lighter color. 

Shiny Hazel

Comparing to the Shiny Bronze, the shiny Hazel has the lighter outer ring.

Sheer Olive

Sheer Olive has the more pure color, mixed with the white and the light brown color, which makes your eyes shinier.

Sheer Brown

Comparing to the Sheer Olive, the Sheer Brown has a deeper color, more glamorous and elegant.

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