Ingenious Combination of Color Contact Lenses and Makeup

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The same color contact lenses, others look beautiful and charming after wearing them, but you look abrupt with them, do you face similar situations? In fact, these are all because the color contacts don not match your makeup style.

Tips of different colored contact lenses for makeup style:

advice about chocolate color contact lenses


The chocolate is a versatile color that everyone can wear chocolate color contact lenses. Chocolate can enhance the nature color of the eyes, so that you always have the temperament of innocence.

Advice about purple color contact lenses:


Purple is a color that combines elegance and mystery. On the one hand, it reflects the outstanding temperament with noble and cold arrogance, and at the same time it evokes the attraction of the mysterious girl.

Advice about blue color contact lenses:


Blue eyes are beautiful and unobtrusive, show your gentle temperament. It is important to note that the blue color contact lens is suitable for the white skin.

Advice about green color contact lenses:


Green color contact lenses can match almost any people, whether your are yellow or dark skin color. It should be noted that the pale-type classical beauty should not choose this color contacts.

Advice about light brown color contact lenses:


Brown color contact lenses is suitable for someone who owns brown eyes color, which just enhance the natural eyes color but don’t change the eyes color.

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