Return and Exchange Policy

3-Month Warranty

The customer will enjoy 3-month warranty (3 months reception), coving any possible material and workmanship defects, warranty coverage does not include the damage caused by daily use or by sudden force or impact.

7 Days of No Reason to Return

Unsatisfactory color contact lenses can be refunded or returned for no reason within 7 days of receipt. The buyer only pays the returned freight.

We offer you the reliable and friendly exchange and return policy, and we promise to give you a 100% satisfactory solution under any circumstance, please contact us for exchange and return. Your exclusive service staff will assist you to solve the problem.


Free call: 69993858

Our Responsibilities

The color contact lenses are damaged when received, how should do?

We will take responsibility for this problem, and we can offer a full refund.

If you receive the color contact lenses, the lenses are badly scratched, please contact us at the first time and provide your order number, product name, damaged item picture, and highlight the damaged part.

The color contact lenses you received are not the ones you ordered!

If we do not strictly follow your order details, such as lenses( pattern, color, degree) are not correct. We will assume full responsibility.

If the prescription is wrong, please send us your original prescription photo, order number.

Receive missing parts or defective color contact lenses?

If you receive the missing color contact lenses, please send us your order number and photos of the color contact lenses received.

If your color contact lenses are defective, please email us your order number, product name, and defective photos.

If the missing accessories or minor defects do not affect the normal wear of the color contact lenses, and you want to like this pair of lenses, we can give you a voucher or a partial refund as compensation.

After 7 days, the color contact lenses have broken!

If your color contact lenses are broken within 7 days of receipt, a new color contact lenses will be sent to you free of charge. Or we can send you the coupon code and free shipping so that you can place new orders on our website.

Your responsibility

You have placed the wrong order, the color contact lenses cannot be worn!

Don’t worry! We will provide a discount code so that you would purchase a new pair of color contact lenses with only a little freight.

The diameter of the color contact lens is too large for me to wear.

When buying color contact lenses online, there is often a problem with the diameter of the color contact lenses. Just measure the contact lenses you have worn before, to confirm the size of the diameter, and contact us within 7 days. We will provide you with a discount code to purchase a new pair of suitable contact lenses. Please note that we will charge the freight.

The color contact lenses are good, but not suitable for you.

If you don’t like the color contact lenses. Please contact us within 7 days after receive. We will give you a discount code that you can purchase a pair of your own. In this way. You can keep the contact lenses you received and use them when necessary. Please note we will charge the freight.


Please contact our customer service before returning the goods to understand the return policy.

1.Return address

2. Due to the light and Angle of the photo, the resolution of different computer screens and the specific background of the photo, the color of the color contact lenses may be different from the color on the website.

3. The diameter of the color contact lenses is determined according to different standards of different factories. So please note that there is a slight error in the image display of our website.