is run by Meitongs Technology Co., Limited We are a special selling website that brings together globe brand discount contact lenses, our headquarters is in HongKong, and take HK as the center, we purchase the brand color contact lenses from global. Our product line covers Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.

Our brand has Annasui, GEO, Putia, Angel Color, Loveil, Seed, NEO, Naturali ,Lalish-Aisei, Bausch Lomb,Hydron, NOMI and so on.

These brand colored contacts are purchased back and put them in our HK warehouse, and then sold to young women in the US, UK, Australia and Southeast Asia via our website. Our core customer is young women from overseas Chinese, many of which are the star bloggers in Southeast Asia.

When you place the order in our website, your order will delivery by DHL in the next day, we support delivery to the door of all countries in the world, and the major cities of the mainstream countries can deliver them within 5 working days. In southeast Asia we also support COD (Cash on Delivery) express, the courier delivers the goods to the door and collects the cash.

We are committed to becoming the best website for the global women of purchasing color contact lenses and eye makeup, we offer the complete, fastest and cheapest brand color contact lenses and offer the free trial of the new products for you.

This is our office in HongKong

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