The Most You Should Know about Colored Contact Lenses (Chapter 2)

Posted by ioris Lee on shares 5 questions from our customers in the last chapter, and now we have 5 more questions from our valuable buyers.

Q6) Can colored contact lenses change the color of my eyes?

Yes, colored contact lenses can be used to change the color of your eyes. These are generally used for cosmetic or beauty purposes. Even those girls who do not have a prescription will prefer to get discount contact lenses coupon code from

Q7) Should I see an optometrist first if I want to start using cheap contact lenses?

Yes, if you don’t know your prescription, highly recommend that you do eyes test first before trying colored contact lenses.

Q8)How much are the cheap contact lenses?

There are different choices on The cost of contact lenses varies greatly depending on the type of the brand.

Acuvue Colored Contacts   31.8 USD

Imool  Colored Contacts   20.4 USD

Freshlook Colored Contacts  10.9 USD

Q9) What should you do with your color contacts before you sleep? recommend that you should take off the lenses before going to sleep and put them in the disinfecting solution.

Q10) How long can I get used to wearing new colored contact lenses?

It depends on your eyes' sensitivity and condition that the lenses are trying to correct, maybe 1 day or 1 week.

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