REVIA Colored Contact Lenses

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In this article, we will look into the several products of Revia, a popular Japanese colored contact lenses brand. Also, you could get to know more information on, a famous high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses special sales website.

Revia Colored Contact Lenses One Day


The Revia colored contact lenses have the relatively smaller colored rings, therefore those girls who love the mixed-blood without exaggerated feelings are better suited.

 1) Revia Mist Iris One Day

Revia Mist Iris One Day, the outer ring is caesious color and the inner ring is light brown. When wearing, you could easily feel the patterns perfectly blend with your eyes, mysterious and beautiful.

2) Revia Sheer Sable One Day

Revia Sheer Sable One Day, natural brown color, gentle and soft.

3) Revia Pale Mirage

Revia Pale Mirage is the brighter brown color, and this type can easily highlight your elegant artistic temperament.

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