How to Clean and Choose Contact Lenses Case

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You know where to store discount contact lenses and cheap contacts and you know how to take care of contact lenses, but are you treating your contact lens case right? No matter how long you soak your lenses if your contact lens case isn’t clean.

Then no matter how many times you wash your contacts. Contacts are still not clean. You still have the possibility to do harm to your eyes. That will result in more serious problems. Do not risk your health.


If you wear dailies, you can just throw them every day after you take them out. Otherwise, you should place them in a case filled with solution and soak them. That means your contact lens case is getting lots of use and staying wet.

You know what absolutely loves damp crevices? Bacteria! Your contacts and case become a nice home for bacteria to live in. Can you even imagine how awful it would be? Bacteria can lead to a serious eye infection.


Make sure you change solutions in your case every day.

Flush the case with solution. Wash your hands before applying contacts. Give it another rinse, wipe it with a clean tissue and then place it face down on another clean tissue and let it air dry with the lids off. When it is totally dry, screw the cap back.
Do not use any single case for more than three months. It is suggested to replace contact lens cases every three months.

Cleaning contact lens cases in boiling water also work. Boil the case for five minutes before putting it to air dry. Rinsing the case daily and following the aforementioned replacement schedule is generally enough.


A smooth contact lens case is easiest to keep sanitized. A smooth one leaves no opportunity for bacteria to smuggle in as the ridged ones. Manufacturers are also experimenting with silver nitrate lined cases, though there are some drawbacks as the silver lining does not kill all microorganisms and some people are allergic to it.

At this point, a regular old smooth, relatively cheap contacts lenses case is probably your best choice. There are many designer collaboration editions of contact lens cases. 

They are designed to be personalized as iPhone cases. Even you are very obsessed with those cases, do not use them for over three months. So do not buy those you love the most as you might feel heartbreak when you say goodbye to them.

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