Four Super Comfortable Colored Contact Lenses for You

Posted by Eric Lin on

1, Ever Color

Ever Color One Day Airy Brown

Ever Color One Day Airy Brown lenses are full of mixed-blood feelings, and the color is very transparent, so at your first glance its diameter will not be so large, suitable for those girls with black hairs.

2. Select Fairy

User Select 1day Citrus Brown

User Select One Day Citrus Brown, small diameter with thin green-blue string in the outer ring, transits very naturally. Also, the comfort level is high!

3. Reir

Reir Sweet Brown

Reir Sweet Brown——the outer ring is adorable pink color, you can wear it without foreign body feelings.

4. Femii

Femii French Coral

Femii French Coral is with five-star comfort level, and it’s very suitable for those girls who prefer the orange tone.

Moreover, you can find more high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses in!

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