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Summer has officially come! Girls, are you ready to renew your colored contact lenses or consider making yourself popular when you go to a swimming pool party? Come here, pretty girls. I am about to tell you what to buy. Pay attention because I am going to tell you ten discount contact lenses that do the most reduction off their original price. Take express: No coupon needed for shopping cheap contacts in the list.

1. SAVE $23!

SEEHI COLOR, MIMYO Grey, yearly disposable, one pair packing

SEEHI COLOR is a brand from Korea.

Original price of a pair of MIMYO Grey yearly disposable contacts is 36 USD. For now, on sale, you can get a new pair of these cute babies by only 13 USD. Products with 0 to 800 optometry degrees are provided for your choice.

2. SAVE $22!

  IMOOL, Chocolate Grey, quarterly disposable, one pair packing

IMOOL brand founder is Fujii Manami, she is from the depth of the Japanese family hairdressing healthcare industry, Fujii Manami, and her friends at the time of communication eye makeup, often encounter insuperable difficulties, is not to find in the market they hope the lenses of extreme beautiful eyes effect products. So Ms. Fujii Manami hopes to design more fashionable, more sophisticated and more glamorous versions of the contact lenses.

Price before promotion is 42.4USD. For now, it is just 20.4USD. 0 to 800 optometry degrees ones are provided. There is another color, Chocolate Brown, for you to choose from.

3. SAVE $21.1!

HYDRON, Mimyo Grey, yearly disposable,5 pairs packing

If the product is not on sale, the price would be 30USD. 8.9USD for 5 pairs of contact lenses. Exciting! Right? 0 to 800 optometry degrees ones are provided. Three more colors in stock: Psychedelic Black, Glass Purple, and Silver Lime.

4. SAVE $19.3!

FRESHLOOK, Illuminate Green, daily disposable, 5 pairs packing

This product is a little special as it is a small-diameter-lenses with the only 13.8mm diameter. It just cost you 10.9USD. You can get three now at the same price could only buy one.

Another four colors are waiting for your pick-up! They are Black, Brown, Blue, and Grey.

5.SAVE $19!

Femii, French Orange Brown, daily disposable, 5 pairs packing

Femii determines to help girls show their personality and to help women pioneer in metropolitan cities.

About half the original price has been cut off! Great time shopping!0 to 800 optometry degrees ones are provided. Natural grey-brown and fresh clever brown are waiting for you to bring them home.

LENBERT, Fan Brown, daily disposable, 5 pairs packing

Another half of price has been chopped down! Girls who need lenses with 0 to 800 degrees just go adding your favorite color in your cart. Soft black is standing by too.

6.SAVE $13.2!

ACUVUE, new Grey Gold, daily disposable, 5 pairs packing

ACUVUE is a brand owned by Johnson & Johnson.

With the reduction, deals cut to be the only 31.8USD for half-month using. 0 to 900 optometry degrees ones are provided. The new black is available if you are considering another color.

7.SAVE $10.9!

SEED, rich make, daily disposable, 5 pairs packing

SEED is a Japanese brand.

Only 14.5USD paying can you waiting for these babies to come to you at your door. Consider other colors? Natural make and base make are at your service.

8.SAVE $10.2!

Ocean Brown, yearly disposable, one-piece packing.

When you are shopping this, remember to press the “+” button to “2” to buy a pair of lenses. Otherwise, you would only get one piece for a single eye. The 50% sale is sending you a buy-one-get-one-free offer. Blue ones are also attractive, I think.

9.SAVE $7.9!

AISEI, Nudy Camel, daily disposable, 5 pairs packing

A family of AISEI Lalish is waiting for you! Beautiful Brown, Easy Brown, Natural Brown...

11USD for 5 pairs! Fill your cart with them before the great deal goes away.

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