Colored Contact Lenses and Eye Makeup Matching Guide

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How to match your contact lenses with your eye makeup? Scroll down and read this blog. Dig up your eyeshadow palettes and cheap contact lenses you bought in discount season and sweep dust on them.

Let’s begin!

Brown Contact Lenses

Keira Knightly


Brown pupil color matches well with Earth and Forest Tone and Purple Tone. If you are not currently a colored contact lenses user and you have brown pupils. Consider using these color tone for your eye makeup. They are perfectly matched and friendly to newbies.


Earth and Forest Tone

Earth and Forest Tone Color Example

Imagine you are in the forest now. Soil and plants are the themes.

The contacts and eyeshadow share the same features as nature. Nature is always the best. A good origin of inspiration. They are just like your color matching, brown and green.



Purple Tone

Purple Tone Color Example

As a cool color, purple create a mysterious personality. But a color with such a strong visual effect really needs to blend patiently.



Light Brown Contact Lenses

Lily Collins

Light brown contact is also a good choice for daily use. Mocha Tone and Gray Pink Tone are right partners for light brown ones.



Mocha Tone

Mocha Tone Color Example

Eyeshadow of coffee color is the best match for light brown contact lenses. The joint activity shapes you into the real romance.


Gray and Pink Tone

Gray and Pink Color Example

This group of color provides you a high-fashion edge. Light brown with a sexy metallic finish.

Green Contact Lenses

Cara Delevingne

Green contact lenses are the most popular one. Girls with light-colored hair love them. Ideal makeup would be fading-green and light pinky purple.



Fading Green

Fading Green Color Example

The most suitable shadow is a green shadow. When you applying eyeshadow, do not forget to blend in dark brown and deep blue on the outer corner of eyes.



Violet Color Example

Pink and violet integrate with green contact lenses make a fresh look. The contrast of green and light violet is beautiful.


Blue Contact Lenses

Alexa Chung

Blue Contact lenses go well with both warm color and cool color. The representative of warm and cool are listed as follow.



Gray and Blue Tone

Gray and Blue Tone Color Example


Cool color as it is. No words to explain.

 A superlative sense of beauty.



Warm Orange Tone

Warm Orange Color Example

When you looking at these pictures, what comes to your mind?

Beach and Party!

Yo! What else? Sunset! Awesome!

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