6 Japanese Colored Contacts for You (2)

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4. Neo Light Ciel One Day UV

1) NEO Sight Brown

NEO Sight Brown, with clear levels and gentle edge——The outer ring is dark brown and the inner ring is goldish. It is suitable for any occasions and you can wear it for more than 10 hours to 12 hours without feeling dry.

2) NEO Sight Green

NEO Sight Green——the outer ring is green and the inner ring is gradually changing to brown, a natural type green series of colored contacts. It is highly recommended by many makeup bloggers because green series will make your eyes much more profound and bright!

5. BIJOU One Day Refrear

1) One Day Refrear BIJOU Brown

One Day Refrear BIJOU Brown One Daily Disposable, natural and comfortable without foreign body feelings, is suitable for those girls who pursue natural style.

6. Cara Eyes One Day Natural Plus

One Day Cara Eyes Natural Plus Melty Fresh

One Day Cara Eyes Natural Plus Melty Fresh, supernatural and comfortable, is suitable for the new colored contacts wearers, ultra-thin and without foreign body feelings.

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