MiaoMou yearly Contact Lenses Foggy grey (2pcs/box)

What should I do if I ask for customs duties or customs fees.

Tariff is in a national customs import tax( sometimes is export) in order to improve the national income. And/or to protect domestic industries from foreign levies more effective or predatory competitors.

Some countries sometimes require tariffs .Once you are notified to pay duty(less than $20), Pls send a copy of the invoice to cs@meitongs.com and we will retund you fee. If the tariff exceeds $20. we suggest you contact us first and we will help you to deal with it.

Note: we will not reimburse the customs duty paid by the customer without Imool's confirmation.

How to track my order?

Login to your account on our website, and you can see the status of your order in the details of the order.

If you can’t track your order through the above method, pls send an email to cs@meitongs.com.

Is there any extra charge besides the product and freight?

Some countries may need to pay certain import duties. For example. Some European countries need to pay CSC (Customs Clearance Charge)

If you are told to pay duty(less than$20), send a copy of the invoice to cs@meitongs.com. We will refund your fee. If the tariff exceed $20. we suggest you contact us first and we will help you to deal with it.

How do you deal with shipping delays?

Generally speaking. Express delivery(recommended) is very stable.fast and can be delivered on time.

We remind you to enter your shipping address correctly. If you want to send your order to the company address. Don’t forget to including the company name as part of your shipping address.

There are unpredictable reason such as weather. Customs security check and so on.pls don’t worry. We will be in charge of logistics and will not let the customer bear any loss.

If the shipping is delayed for a few days. We can refund your freight .

If your order does not update shipping tracking information for a week or more.pls contact our customer service for details:cs@meitongs.com.

If your order is confirmed to be lost (the tracking information shows”delivery” , the address is correct.contact the local express.there is no reply). we can give you a free retake.

Note:couriers cannot post to P.O box.Pls enter the actual shipping address.

I’v just placed a few orders, can I combine transporation?

Yes you can. If your order does not exceed a certain number of the number of lenses,and you didn’t use any coupons or promotions on the order. You can merge them into a package.we can refund the part of the freight.Check the status of the package by sending an email to cs@meitongs.com. Pls chell us your order Number in the email.


If you have used the promotion in your order. We can combine the package.but not refund the freight.

If your order quantity exceeds a certain quantity and there is no discount, but exceed the weight of the parcel.we will not refund the freight.

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