Femii Brand Selling Point

1. No cleaning or nursing needs to be done after use, just discard. Also avoid allergy problems caused by improper cleaning and care

2. Using special anti-protein and other materials, and dirt is not easy to attach to the lens. Keep your eyes healthy and comfortable

3. The edge of the lens adopts smooth multi-gradient design, which can reduce the foreign body feeling and make the lens easier and more comfortable to wear

4. BMW 3D color molecules thoroughly wrap X American FDA certified reactive dye, and they can completely wrap the dye in the lens material, preventing the contact lenses touching your eyes directly, safely lock the color and the color will not fade

5. Without exaggerated effect, moderate 14.1mm diameter, carefully designed ratio of 13.3-13.4 golden ratio coloring diameter, twinkling beautiful eyes like the natural

6. Exquisite gradient network design, the color distribution makes the naked eyes naturally profound. Make your eyes are delicate, vivid and oxygen-breathe-free, bringing you comfortable wearing experience

Femii Brand Concept

“Not only be natural, but also show your personality.”

Based on modern metropolis women’s desire for glamorous eyes, thus the Femii colored contact lenses come out.

To achieve longing for the eyes, Femii create the new concept of nature and charming eyes, breaking through single color and pattern, and redefine the ideal color for women’ eyes. When being designed, the lenses were blended with individualized element. Without bombastic effect, we carefully calculate the colored size close to the golden ratio. To create lenses which any kind of woman could easily harness, and it will redouble your feminine power.

Femii has colorful daily and monthly disposable colored contact lenses

To meet your need of different situations

To create your fashionably beautiful eyes full of femininity