ANTO are always pursuing the perfectness

We reject the yearly disposable contact lenses with abundant colors, because their wearing period so long that has an adverse effect on your comfort degree and safety

We reject the safe and wholesome short-period contact lenses in the market, because the rigid pattern and undersized DIA could have an adverse effect on the beautiful wearing effect.


ANTO, must be a perfect product——that’s the innermost thoughts and feelings of our founding teams

To ensure the absolute comfort and safety of our contact lenses, ANTO cosmetic contact lenses spent more than a year to find out the best production technology and lens materials. Our lenses are wholly independent design, in order to provide you with the bright and beautiful and charming eyes.


ANTO Company Profile

“ANTO” is a self-owned brand belonging to ANTO (Shanghai) Optical Technology Co.,Ltd

Ideas: Pursuing the supreme comfort and beauty

Enterprise Slogan: Never hide your beauty


ANTO Power

Through hundreds of colors mix, patterns design and the try-ins of thousands of pupils, ANTO finally designed the ideal patterns and wearing effects.


The special materials of ANTO cosmetic contact lenses

The pigment of ANTO is manufactured from the authorized medical safe pigment, and our quality is excellent and safe to ensure your cornea safety

All of the products of ANTO are imported from Korea, to the maximum extent ensuring the products quality. The products sold in China are in full accord in the manufacturing technique, materials and processes and are adopted the highest manufacturing standards in the industry, which are the same as the strictest countries like Europe, America and Japan and so forth controlling over the contact lenses around the world.


The manufacturer of ANTO

It has been 52 years history of contact lenses production since the manufacturer of ANTO establishment in 1961, meanwhile it is one of the ten professional contact lenses manufacturers around the world, now ranking 5th!

Its products were through the strict product testing of Japan MHW and acquired the MHLW product certification, EU CE and ISO9002 international certifications. In 2001, became the manufacturer certificated by American FDA. Products are sold abroad in America, Europe, middle East and Asian countries, the export sales are ranking the 1th in Korea.