Weicon cosmetic contact lenses fully embody the humanization of design.

Weicon contact lenses fully reflect the humanization of design. In the beginning of our factory, we imported English optical technology, moreover on this basis considering the differences in the eyes of westerners and easterners, and developed a series of products, which were more suitable for oriental.


Each Weicon contact lens is designed from the requirements of the consumer's safety, health, comfort and luminosity needs. In addition, from the selection of raw materials to precision turning, from the outer arc polishing and the disinfection bottle off, those production processes are under strict quality supervision of polymer chemistry and biological materials and medical experts.

Weicon contact lenses are adopted imported quality materials through ISO9000, CE, GMP triple certification. Because the lenses are all made by high-end turning technology, they have high precision in shaping, surface polishing, optical area diopter and stability of the lens surface.

Due to the use of non-ionic materials, the deposition of lens protein is less conducive to cleaning and nursing, which is comfortable to wear. Because of our special technology, we can customize for you!

The unique round edge design and water slide design of the lens edge improve the tear circulation of human eyes, increase the supply of oxygen to the cornea, and bring more health and comfort to the consumers.

Weicon contact lenses have a unique set of the quality inspection standards, through eight levels, patches of detection and the last 14 days safety batch testing process, at last we offer the superb quality and professional technology to our consumers.

There are two major categories of our contact lenses——The traditional and the Disposable: 1. In traditional contact lenses, 3C, multi-arc ellipse, butterfly color, ultraviolet-proof, BLUE and so forth series are very popular with consumers because of their different characters and advantages; 2. In disposable contact lenses, monthly, S-type series, new phantom quarterly and so forth series are widely popular with students and white collars.

Every Weicon care product is strictly in accordance with the standards required by the state food and drug administration, also our care products have surpassed the national standards, 2011 yearly Weicon care products production standards of which was set as the new national standards for verification in the nation.

In addition to the inherent functions of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, deproteinization, lubrication and other functions, each Weicon care product has its own unique characteristics:

1. Weicon repair multifunctional care solution integrates the functions of cleaning, disinfection, storage and protein scavenging, and innovatively adds HA hyaluronic acid sodium and PVP, bringing you more moisturizing and lubricated wearing experience.

2. Weicon cool and refreshing care solution: Cool and moisturizing combination (Borneolum, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and Poloxamer), which can improve the moisture retention, providing a comfortable cool and moist feeling. Also contains mild fungicide, which can kill staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and candida albicans, safe and not irritating to your eyes. To make sure your eyes are cool and refreshing, and it has the effect of continuous cooling, swelling reduction and pain relief.

3. 3C multi-functional care solution: Exclusive prescription adding fruit acid Improves tear circulation of your eyes, activating eye cell metabolism patented formula cleaning combination, enhancing ion effect, to help remove protein and prevent the accumulation of protein and dirt.