Under this Agreement, if the user uses the European card issuing bank to issue the credit, the service and products will be provided by Meitongs Technology Co., Limited; the transactions between the user and Meitongs Technology Co., Limited apply to The following regulations.

Under this agreement, you have various functions and various website services provided by the owner (hereinafter referred to as "the site", the website: www.meitongs.com) (hereinafter referred to as "cardholders"). For the contract entered into by the relevant matters, please read this agreement carefully, check "I have read and agreed to the Card User Service Agreement" and click the "Register Now" button to successfully register, which means that the user and the card customer have reached an agreement, voluntary Accept all content of this policy. Thereafter, the user may not contest in any form without reading the contents of this policy;
The contents of this agreement include the text of this agreement and all the rules and declarations that have been issued by the site or may be released in the future, such as documents and other documents that regulate the operation of the website and clarify the rights and obligations of the company and users. All rules, statements, etc. are inseparable parts of this Service Agreement and have the same legal effect as this Service Agreement. In the website, there is no "rules", the words indicated by the link text indicated by the words "declaration" are different from the provisions of this agreement. Without prejudice to the basic principles of this service agreement, the provisions shall be given priority. And only for this specific matter.


What’s your privacy and security policy ?

In order to provide you our service and products more well, we need to collect your personal information. We can make sure these data mainly use for finishing the order, which will not provide or disclose them to a third party or use them for othe purpose. We will strictly follow the year of 1998 “Date Protection Act “.

Cookies is the information of computer hard disk through transfe by website,which mainly use for keep records.These Cookies will not identify your identity by any way. We will devote ourselves to protect our clients’ privacy and provide more safe order online service.

We mainly use the safe payment gateway which offered by Amercian well-known companies to deal with your payment by Credit Card or other cards. We won’t collect any information of payment method.

Price and Payment

The price on the website is you and our clients ,which will pay for .

We accept payment by Credit card, we will send the goods to you after receive your payment

If we would not provide the products that you order on our website, we will inform you by email and return your full payment to your same card which you pay by. We do not take any responsibility.

Clients’ examination of color contact lenes

Once you receive the goods,pls check it carefull or the loss will be your resposibility

If you find the color contact lenses and accesories damage ,lose or not meet your requirement, pls contact us right away. Otherwise the loss will be your resposibility

If you decide to return your goods,pls don’t use the color contact lenses and accesories, furthermore keep the product and packaging original and send them back to us. Otherwise the loss will be your resposibility.

Modify and cancel orders:

If you want to change the order, you must send the modified details to us during you placed order 12 hours , after 12 hours the order has been approved and would not change,which already in stock.

If the order is already in the delivery process,which would not cancel the order. In case you want to refund the payment at this moment,pls contact our staff ,which will cause some cost we will deduct the cost and return the rest to you.

If you want to modify or cancel your orders, we will send the email to you to confirm. In case you would not receive our email, pls contact our staff .

Assignment privilege

Without our written agree, you would not assign this order contract or any part of it, since the order contract is our personal agreement.

In order to seveice you more well ,We may have the right to subcontract the entire order contract or part of it to another department or party without your prior permission.