Established in 2004 with the design and manufacture ideas of “Comfort from Science”, the subsidiary companies of VISION SCIENCE CO. LTD are located in Atlanta and India, and our cooperative partners are located around the world. Our products are exported to America, Japan, Italy, Russia, Thailand, India and so forth countries, and our export sales play a leading role in the world. Vision Science possesses two fully automatic mass production capacity factories, products of which are through CE and ISO13485 certification, and we are one of the minority of eyes contact lenses manufacturers who can perfectly maintain the color persistence. In 2014, Vision Science established the wholly-owned subsidiary of “Vision Science Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd”. In virtue of Vision Science long-term brand science technology accumulation and outstanding manufacturing technique, our Shanghai subsidiary will bring Chinese young consumers the brand-new perfect Vision Maxim series, which were produced by Vision Science and were popular with the consumers in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong and so forth countries.

Our cosmetic contact lenses series are including the daily and half-yearly disposable soft hydrophilic lenses, daily disposable lenses equipped with Chocolate, Gold and Gray color; half-yearly disposable lenses equipped with Black, Blue, Hazel and Mixed colors. The whole series are superior to their same products because of its “Glamourous, Charming and Interesting” set as the design keynote, with super-high comfort level and moisturizing feelings core technology to ensure our best quality.


Vision Science Product Characteristics

Isolating the plant pigment layer in the inner part of the lenses, the colors are more layering, refusing to fading or discoloring, to make your wear more comfortable.

Unique lens edge smoothness treatment, convenient for the tears circulation, to make the lenses to contact with your eyes more natural, more fitting without foreign body sensation and gleithretter.


Vision Science Product Activities

Abundant product resources, high-quality consumer groups, Weibo/Wechat members;

Online and offline brand exposure, activities page banner/topic page ect

Wechat/Weibo and so forth


According to the actual cooperation, we can offer you other resources

As for the well-positioned enterprises with well public reputation, we can work on deep profits concession cooperation (Specific forms of cooperation may be agreed upon by both parties)

Online and offline varieties of consumers promotional activities and media exposure

Other various cooperation resources