The Origin of NOMI

NOMI is the first Chinese Internet contact lenses brand established by IMOOL——NOMI is always advocating a natural and pure, simple but quality lifestyle, annotating fashion by means of using the most terse element so that you can freely switch between your profession and your personality, to beautify your lives.

NOMI is the advocator of “Micro” fashion and “Light” lifestyle. NOMI emphasizes on the inner qualities of the products, simple and quality lifestyle, presenting fashion by using the simplest elements.

NOMI is concentrating on providing those professionals who pay great attention to lives quality with high-quality colorful lives


Design Concepts

NOMI contact lenses are designed by the famous Chinese lens designers. The design of NOMI contact lenses is simple and fashionable, perfectly combining the comfortable and natural, modest and reserved lives concepts. The body lines are concise and fluent, also elegant and fashionable, presenting the perfectness in details. Our products are perfectly combining the excellent manufacturing technique, presenting its exquisite quality, and it’s your best choice.

NOMI products are building the diverse life vision for the professionals by adopting the laconic design elements. To promote your workplace glamour and make you feel more confident and natural. To try our utmost to create the leisure style for adding the joy of your lives.


NOMI Product Characteristics

The lenses adopted by NOMI are aspherical A-class, and they are coming from the worldwide famous lens manufacturers.

A-class lens: Usually export to premium brands OEM, to fulfill the international standard ISO8980 and national standard GB10810;

16 layers of coating film: Adopted the advanced Israeli ion spray coating technique, to plate the interlaced Silicon, Titanium and Indium layers to the lenses, to make sure the lens the better luminousness, definition, radiation protection and resistance to wear. (The thickness is only several nanometers, which does not affect the lens thickness)

The materials of NOMI spectacle frame are including: Panel, TR90, metals and so forth.

Panel: 100% acetic acid fiber, not easy to be allergic to deformation, durable. Presenting the young and dynamic style, and its suitable for you for any occasions

TR90: A High molecular material with memory, popular ultra-thin spectacle frame around the world, to lessen the burdens of your nose bridge, and it can instantly rebound to the original shape and perfectly fits your face. Suitable for those people who are strict with the comfort.

Metals: Adopted vacuum IP electroplate technique, good rotproofness and antibacterial property, and painting is not easy to peel off and fade, durable and beautiful. The spectacle frame light and novel, which can make you feel comfortable. Due to the characteristics of the materials, especially suitable for the professionals to wear.