Neo is the only round-the-clock imitated UV top-level cosmetic contact lenses, comprehensively protecting your eyes with super-high oxygen transmission rate in summer days. Ultrathin 0.04 MM, the comfort level of our contact lenses can wholly compare favorably with the ordinary daily disposable contact lenses. With the 14.00 MM broad lens, your eyes can be magnified under the comfortable and natural conditions.

NEO VISION is the biggest contact lenses company in Korea, has become the champion of sales billboard in Japan and Korea, besides, NEO contact lenses are the subordinate lines of the NEO VISION.

The characteristics of NEO Cosmetic Contact Lenses:

Korean advanced “Sandwich” technology, the color layer is embedded in the interlayer of the lenses, avoiding the pigment directly contact with the cornea, makes your wear more healthy and comfortable

Neo is the only round-the-clock imitated UV top-level cosmetic contact lenses comprehensively protecting your eyes in summer days

Excellent transparency, to make sure your comfortable wear and meanwhile making the effects more intensive! More outstanding! Extraordinary glistening effect, transparent effect and moisturizing effect, which totally eliminate the artificial feelings, and providing you with a pair of watery eyes

Through CE and ISO product certification, excellent oxygen permeability, moderate water content. Deeply popular with the Korean, Japanese and Chinese youngsters.

NEO color contact lenses are made from FDA certificated dyes, which subordinates the traditional dyes. Harmless to the human body, adding the degree of the oxygen permeability. Lens design is based on the characteristics of the eyes of the oriental, after wearing your cornea will be much more bigger and brighter, without blocking optical field vision.