Hydron is a domestic contact lenses manufacturer in China, subsidiary of which has a numerous of products, and they are popular with students. The products are as the follows: Hydron QQ 38 clear and comfortable half-yearly disposable, Hydron quarterly disposable contact lenses (2 pieces/box), Hydron Aqua quarterly disposable contact lenses (2 pieces/box), Hydron Black——new arrival, Hydron Morning-Q (High-definition) yearly disposable (Baby blue), Hydron Cool Morning-Q yearly disposable (Light blue), Hydron BlueStar moist and comfortable, Hydron Soft Blue Aqua soft contact lenses, Hydron SW soft contact lenses, Hydron Gray Glamour contact lenses, Hydron moisturizing contact lenses, Hydron B38 contact lenses and so forth. In the long run, Hydron wholeheartedly serves our consumers with our “Quality first, Service first, reputation first” creed. Hydron contact lenses series are widely supported and recommended by ophthalmologists and optometrists around the world, and we are becoming the worldwide famous brand.


The product characteristics of Hydron Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Hydron manufacturing technique: Centrifugal casting technique is usually form the ultrathin edge of the lenses, and these chamfering edges can make you comfortable when wearing, especially for those youngsters with tight eyelids.

Rich in water-locking factors, when wearing you will feel much more comfortable and moist. Our lenses are made from low-water-content non-ironic materials, which are nor easy to absorb the lens sediment, easier to take care of. The lens color is light blue and green, which is convenient to recognize and wear.

Clear——Focus on technology, accurate eyesight, infinite clear. Hydron contact lenses produced full-eyesight lenses with advanced technology, avoiding the worse spherical lens image, to make your eyesight more concentrate on the retina, and clearer.

Transparent——high oxygen permeable, farewell to deposition and embrace your good health. Hydron contact lenses materials are of moist characters, thinner and more oxygen permeable, with special slim edge design beneficial for tears circulation, bringing your eyes much fresher oxygen and moisture.

Unsensible——AIC intellectual design, elastic and comfortable. Hydron Optical Technology research center combined the national and international experts to exclusively develop AIC (Artificial Intellectual Comfort) intellectual lenses, aiming at the eyes radian and eyes ergonomics of our countrymen, and multi-radian design comfortably fits your cornea, as if customized for your eyes, very much comfortable.

Zero sense of touch——Hydron contact lenses design is on the basis of the physiological characteristics of the human eyes when blinking, improving the edges of the lenses, greatly decreased the chances of lens edges contacting with your eyeballs and eyelids when blinking. Advanced edge transmission design makes the lenses meet your physiological demands, to complete the authentic zero sense of touch from dynamic to static status.

Good endurance, long-lasting moisturizing performance——Hydron contact lenses are made from the long-lasting moisturizing materials, therefore the lens is not easy to dry out and moist all day long. Excellent lens operation performance and comfortable wearing feelings provide with our customers the maximum satisfaction.

Reliable UV protection, which can effectively filter the UVA and UVB, avoiding the damages of ultraviolet rays to your eyes.