Horien Optic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based company with its primary business is to import and distribution of contact lenses and lens care products under the brand name Eye Secret, which is manufactured by Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd. in Taiwan.

Our Manufacturer

Yung Sheng Optical Co., Ltd. was found in 2011. Major business is manufacturing and sales of soft contact lens and lens care product. With its innovative R&D team, advanced manufacturing facilities and professional marketing and sales group, Yung Sheng has received the following: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications, Japan’s FMA (Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation), European CE and Taiwan GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) aiding expansion in our global market.

Comfortable Design for Eye Secret Clear Lens

38% water content can lower the speed of water loss, keep the lens moisture and decrease the dryness feeling after long time wearing. With our perfect formula of 38% water content, plus Sodium Hyaluronate and Trehalose, we provide you a super moist experience.

Unique Design for Eye Secret Color Lens

BMW 3D Wrap Coloring Method——Safe, clear and beautiful

1. No color additives peeling off

With our unique formula and manufacturing methods, and color additives are wrapped by HEMA. This technique ensures the color additives will not leach out and provides wearing comfort.

2. Sophisticated pad printing machine

Our sophisticated pad printing machine prints pattern in the female mold, so that the color will not contact the eyes directly ensuring a high level of sharpness and visual accuracy.

3. Smooth Surface

We produce our color lenses through a filling and thermal process. Compared to the traditional Sandwich method, our lenses have a flat surface and will not crack easily.

About Eye Secret Solutions

Enjoy healthy and freshness all the time

The Smaller, the healthier and safer

To prevent waster after expiration

Portable for travel, flight, office and outdoor use

Must Know

Please consult your optometrist before wearing on contact lens

Please do not wear your contact lenses during shower/bath or swimming

Please do not wear your contact lenses to sleep

Solution is best to use within 3 months from the cap opening date, you are advised to change it even though there is still leftover

Please stop wearing the contact lenses if there is any irritation, and seek for medical consultation