AISEI Contact Lenses Brand Introduction

LALISH Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are a series of products of AISEI Co.Ltd. AISEI Co.Ltd, whose products including LALISH Contact Lenses, EVER COLOR, etc., is the leading selling brand of colored circle lenses in Japan. Now AISEI Japan has introduced LALISH to China and plans to launch more Japanese synchronous products in the future.

Founded in 2004, AISEI was responsible for contact lenses and care products overall sales. The company also offer consultation services to those people who plan to open their own contact lens store over the Internet consultation services.

In the second year of 2005, as the exclusive distributor of manufacturer of AIRE Inc., AISEI started its first sales of internal soft contact lens "Neo Sight 14" in Japan. Due to the high quality and good wearing feeling, AISEI has been launched to the market "Neo Sight One Day Aqua Moist" and "Neo Sight One Day Ring". Today, thanks to these four series of line-up, AISEI has won a good reputation.

In 2011, AISEI released its first original color contact lenses “Ever Color 1day”, which also contains four product lines, and AISEI has become a brand leader in Japanese market. Moreover, in 2015, AISEI launched the 2-week color contact lenses “eRouge”. Now, AISEI is expanding its market into pharmacies and online channels.

AISEI will further explore other new channels where consumers can easily shop. Meanwhile, AISEI must ensure the wearers’ safety and make sure the wearers can wear the color contact lenses with confidence. Besides, AISEI will try its utmost to strengthen its role and meanwhile  require consumers to ensure proper use and contact lens care while promoting regular tests by ophthalmologists. Via these activities, AISEI will make great contributions to our society.

By taking advantage of the experience and knowledge throughout the entire contact lens industry, AISEI is committed to bringing prosperity to all consumers and contact lens shops.

AISEI Brand Features:

1. Clean and Comfortable-wear daily disposal type, with no need for lens care.

2. Low Water Content lenses(42%), strong water-lockup character, reduce eye dryness and discomfort, keep glasses moist and comfortable.

3. The shaded part does not contact with the eyeballs directly, ultra-thin lens design makes it comfortable to wear without any foreign body feelings.

4. Dust on the lens, tear secretions (proteins, etc.) are not easy to absorb.