Jonson & Johnson ACUVUE is the most comprehensive and widespread manufacturer and service provider of health care products. As an essential part of Johnson & Johnson, ACUVUE brings the healthiest vision care products to every consumer in China, every day as a vision, committing to providing consumers and customers with quality products and experience and leading innovation and industry development.

ACUVUE, continuously making our great efforts to innovate and professionally develop high-quality contact lenses, is the world's most popular brand of contact lenses. The products are all imported from Ireland and the United States.

ACUVUE consistently devotes ourselves to providing healthier and more comfortable, making every effort to achieve the goal that our every lens is water-moistening, oxygen-permeating, anti-UV, to make your eyes more comfortable. We consistently advocate the wearing concept of “The shorter, the healthier”, providing with consumers professional services, through the eye inspection and trial wearing to help consumers to get the best contact lenses for themselves.

Brand Project

Compared with foreign advanced countries, ACUVUE China still has a lot of room for professional improvement in ophthalmic industry. The gradual improvement of market expectation has also prompted the professionals in the glasses shop to improve their professional quality. A systematic, high-quality and planned professional training is the expectation of the professionals in the eyeglasses shop, finally beneficial to the patients with refractive error.

ACUVUE takes it as an opportunity and motivation, respectively founding Johnson & Johnson Optical School and expecting to make contributions to the development of China's ophthalmic industry. Johnson & Johnson Optical School is the first company in the current domestic investment by multinational enterprises, specifically for the optician, optometrist and optometry students from personnel of course of study, as well as the eye doctor to provide professional, systematic, long-term vision training of non-profit organization.

The purpose of its establishment is to improve the overall level of domestic visual health care industry through innovative professional visual light education, so as to help patients to get better ophthalmic health care services. Johnson & Johnson Optical school gradually open to the public, as an objective and impartial the third-party organization, to provide the domestic public with professional vision health care knowledge.

Industry Status

With the improvement of the China's economy and opening up, more and more people begin to use contact lenses, compared to the early period, consumers to start spending more money on buying contact lenses. However, the public didn’t realize that the contact lenses are first of all the third category medical instruments, its purchase, use and wearing should be prudent and careful.

At present, there are many kinds of contact lens brands in the Chinese market, and with the spread of network channels, all kinds of network sales channels are endless. Nevertheless, the imperfect supervision and management system of the country and consumers’ comprehensive understanding of the product not only resulted in unhealthy and insanitary habit of using eyes, but also extended many people's misconceptions and misunderstandings about contact lenses.

Cultures and Concepts

Jonson & Johnson ACUVUE contact lenses are beneficial to us with its durable water retention and high oxygen permeability, even if we spend our days in front of the computers, in an air-conditioned environment, or on long-distance air travel, ACUVUE can keep your eyes hydrated for a long time. Outstanding oxygen permeability, challenging the dry environment conditions, and even in a dry environment for a long time, can keep your moist wearing.

Incorporating a wealth of PVP material moisture factor in the lens, at the same time, low moisture content of material to reduce the lens evaporation, soft and elastic, wearing comfortable, high oxygen transmission rate is high in the air by silicon gel water, direct oxygen flow rate is as high as 98% of the cornea, guarantee the eyes comfortable and healthy.

Jonson & Johnson ACUVUE Contact Lenses:

1. Johnson & Johnson contact lenses are always moist, durable comfort, with innovative technology, so that the lens and the surface of the lens are full of moisture factor of PVP;

2. Combined with PVP moisturizing factor like natural tears, it forms a long-lasting, silky water-locking layer around the lens, making the eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day;

3. Daily wear and nightly take out, change new lenses every day, no need for complex care, Less protein and lipid deposition, ultraviolet-proof;

4. Provide effective UV protection approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA);

5. Effectively block 97% UVB and 82% UVA;

About Acuvue Brand:

In 1987, Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lenses for the first time went on sale;

In 1993, Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lenses became the world's first selling contact lenses brand;

In 1997, Every product of Johnson & Johnson Acuvue added anti - ultraviolet function, set up new standards for healthy contact lenses;

In 1999, first type of product came into the Chinese market, since then leading the most healthy wearing method and spreading the concept of “The shorter the healthier” into the market and It is recognized by professionals in the industry and ophthalmology;

In 2000-2009, successively Acuvue Moist and Acuvue TruEye and so forth series;

In 2004, set up the first non-profit organization in China to provide professional optical training——Johnson & Johnson Optical Institute officially established, it provides the healthiest visual correction information for optometrists and helps them become the most successful professionals;

In 2012, first put forward three-dimensional health care concept;

In 2014, the best of Acuvue contact lenses Oasys came into the market as well as the new-born Define cosmetic contact lenses;

In 2015, launch brand new marketing activities “Change from Acuvue”, encouraging the new-generation consumers to broden their new horizon, to experience more and enjoy their lives.

Product survey:

Q: Wearing contact lenses can affect our eyes’ health?

A: Contact lenses, one of the most effective tools to correct vision, have been proved reliable by tens of millions of wearers; There is no evidence to suggest that wearing contact lenses can affect health if professional testing and standard care are followed. However, contact lenses are medical devices and must be worn according to the recommendations of professional personnel.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

Contact lenses are the third-level medical devices that directly contact the cornea. Wearers must choose professional and high-quality contact lenses brands and do regular eye tests to ensure long-term health of the eyes.


Q: Contact lenses can cause eye infections?

A: Contact lenses do not cause infection, but bacteria on the surface of dirty lenses can cause infection. Poor hygiene or poor use is the most common cause of infection. Changing the lens frequently, and the less sediment from the tear film accumulates, the healthier it is. Following the guidance of a professional to minimize the risk of infection.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

The shorter the lens period, the less precipitation, the lower the chance of infection. For our consumers’ health, we give priority to daily and two-week disposable. For your eyes’ health, please choose contact lenses with shorter cycles (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: If you wear contact lenses for a long time, your cornea will become thinner?

A: Contact lenses have been proven by millions to be a healthy and effective vision correction tool. At present, there is no data to show that professional fitting and standard care are followed, contact lenses will cause adverse effects on the eyes.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

First of all, before wearing contact lenses, please go to a professional eye inspection institution to ensure that the eye condition is suitable for wearing. Secondly, please choose the appropriate contact lenses according to your own situation and professional recommendation. At last, it is important to follow the correct way of wearing and nursing in order to ensure safe and comfortable wearing.


Q: If you wear contact lenses at the age 20, your eyes will be the same as those of a 60-year-old ten years later?

A: Millions of people have been proved contact lenses to be the healthy and effective vision correction tools, and there is no data shows follow professional fitting and standardize nursing, contact lenses can cause bad effects to the eyes.


Q: How to choose your suitable contact lenses?

A: Contact lens is medical equipment, you must go to the professional shop that has qualification undertakes comprehensive eye check, and professional personage of eye vision light can combine your eye condition and try to wear appraisal, to give you correct recommendations. To know your eyes and choose contact lenses according to your needs and life status.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

For the comfort and health of your eyes, we advise you the daily disposable contact lenses. The shorter the abandonment period, the less precipitation, the healthier and more comfortable wearing. According to the consumer demand, we launched a number of contact lenses, such as pursuing extreme health and comfort——Johnson & Johnson Acuvue TruEye, suitable for long viewing of electronic screen——Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys, pursuing healthy and beautiful——Johnson & Johnson Acuvue cosmetic contact lenses and ect. You can choose contact lenses according to your needs and life status. (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: Can I wear contact lenses overnight?

A: Only long-wear lenses approved by relevant government departments can be worn overnight. Because the cornea is a special organ, its oxygen required for metabolism must be supplied by external air or surrounding tissue. When sleeping with ordinary lens, it is easy to cause corneal hypoxia, such as corneal edema, stromal stripe or corneal neovascularization, and even lead to corneal infection. Official tips: Daily wear and nightly take off is still the most secure way to wear.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

Not all contact lenses with high oxygen permeability are approved for long wear. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are approved by the us SFDA and China's state food and drug administration for 7 days and 6 nights in a row, which can be worn overnight. (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: Yearly disposable contact lenses have the better quality?

A: Many consumers of Johnson & Johnson will mistakenly believe that the quality of short-period lenses is bad because of the short period, but it is true. The shorter the period of abandonment, and the sediment will be discarded more quickly, thus greatly avoiding the harm of sediment infection. In addition, short-cycle lenses generally have high moisture retention and oxygen permeability. However, the so-called "good quality" of yearly and monthly disposable contact lenses only mean "durable", but it is easy to cause eye infection if worn for a long time because nursing cannot completely remove sediment. And the lens worn for a long time can appear the damage that cannot see with the naked eyes, small deformation can also trigger eyes’ potential danger. Contact lenses, as three-level medical devices, should be health, safety, comfort as the primary indicators.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

Adhering to the tenet of "the shorter the healthier", we will provide Chinese consumers with better quality, more comfortable daily and two-week disposable contact lenses. For your eyes’ health, please choose contact lenses with shorter cycles. (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: Is “The shorter the healthier” true?

A: A large amount of data have confirmed that the shorter the contact lens is, the healthier it is。Even with the strictest procedures, there is still sediment left on the lens. In addition to affecting comfort, it can also have adverse effects on eye health. The consensus among the world's medical and optometrists is that the shorter the lens, the healthier the lens.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

The shorter the lens period, the less precipitation, the lower the chance of infection. For the health and comfort of the consumers, Johnson & Johnson Acuvue gives priority to daily and two-week disposable contact lenses. For your eyes’ health, please choose contact lenses with shorter cycles. (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: How much water content is more suitable?

A: The moisture content of soft contact lenses is divided by 50% of the dividing line. Normal hydrogels with a water content of 50-60% and an oxygen permeability greater than 24 are healthy contact lenses. However, water content is not the only standard for choosing lenses. It should also be combined with oxygen permeability, thickness design, comfort and other factors such as whether the lenses are changed regularly. (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: The higher the Dk/t value of silica gel material, the better?

A: Certainly not. The Dk/t value is only the property of the material itself, and the corneal oxygen flow is the important index that affects the eye health of consumers. For silicon hydrogel lenses, Dk/t value after reaching a certain value, the cornea of the oxygen flow will only with the increase of Dk/t value and increased slightly, but the hardness of the lens will increase significantly, affecting the wearing comfort.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lenses not only ensures enough oxygen flow to the cornea, but also ensures the soft and smooth wearing experience of the lens. Not only healthy and comfortable, but also safe to wear. (Changing from Acuvue).


Q: What is the difference between the silica gel and hydrogel materials?

A: Hydrogel is a widely used contact lens material, soft, elastic and hydrophilic. The advantage is that it is more soft, comfortable and elastic, while the disadvantage is that the lens has poor molding ability. Silicone gel material is a new generation of contact lens material, it is the addition of organic silicon in the hydrogel material, so that the oxygen permeability of the lens significantly increased. The advantage is that the breakthrough of oxygen permeability is improved, and the lens is well formed. However, if organic silicon is not properly treated, the lens will be hard and not smooth, which will affect the comfort of wearing.

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue tips:

Silicone gel is the new contact lens material, but if organic silicon is not handled properly, the lens will be hard and not smooth. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue brand patent Hydraclear technology, with organic silicon and hydrogel materials combined organically to make the lens not only oxygenated and hydrated, but also softer and smoother, such as Acuvue TruEye and Acuvue Oasys. And Johnson & Johnson Acuvue TruEye is the first daily disposable silicon hydrogel around the world. (Changing from Acuvue).