To Choose Cheap Colored Contacts According to the Color of Your Skin and Hair

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Perhaps it is the hardest part for us to wonder: Which clothes, shoes, and accessories should I wear today? Or which color of colored contacts are more suitable for me today?

Undoubtedly, nowadays colored contacts are so popular with those fashionable icons and charming girls! Besides, there are so many reasons why you should choose contact lenses rather than the traditional glasses:

1. Fashionable and Functional

2. Ultra-thin and without discomforts

3. Without Fogging up with changes in temperature

4. Vision Field is more focused

Therefore, girls, when you aspire to create your different look and enhance your temperament, the colored contacts are your indispensable choice. However, as for the price of the cosmetic color contact lenses in the market are in big differences, so it’s essential for us to shop for the cheap but high-quality color contact lenses.

Here we recommend you to shop the high-grade cheap colored contacts in, a famous cheap colored contacts website, which has brands like Annasui, GEO (Geolica), Putia, Angel Color, LOVEIL, SEED, NEO, NATURALI, Lalish-Aisei, Bausch Lomb, Hydron and NOMI and so forth.

Meanwhile, you should remember that your colored contacts need to match your skin tone and the color of your hair.

Choose Colored Contacts for Your Skin’s Color:

1. Fair Skin

Those people with fair skins are very lucky because you can easily pick colored contacts, which are suitable for you: Hazel, purple, blue and so forth colors.

2. Medium Skin

Those people with medium skin——golden or apricot undertone skin, you may choose the grey, hazel, blue, and so forth colors. As for me, green may be my best choice to make me far more charming!

3. Dark Skin

Believe me, if you have dark or dusky skin, the warm colors are your better choice!

Go and try hazel and light blue and stay away from the too bright shades like pink.

Choose Colored Contacts for Your Hairs’ Color

1. Blonde Hair

For those people with blonde hairs, you may choose the dark colors like black, brown, chocolate and blue.

2. Brown Hair

For those people with brown hairs, you may try hazel and grey colors!


3. Black Hair

For those people with black hairs, congratulations, you can try those contrast-colored contact lenses, and they will look awesome on you, like chocolate, green and blue and so forth colors.

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