Tips for Using Colored Contact Lenses in Summer!

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Eyes are the windows of your soul!

Pretty colored contact lenses with good eye makeup could make you shine all day. Summer is just the perfect time to dress up nice and show your charm.

So, here I am going to tell you how to deal with these cute elves.

1. How to Choose?

Standard selecting procedures are always followed by these questions:

1.  Are your eyes relatively Big or not?

2.  Is it easy to have dry eye in daily time?

3.  So, what to wear in summer?

2.  Black and Brown can never be wrong. Classical as always.

If you are styling yourself as an elegant lady:

Purple contact lenses are your best fit.

Blue and Gray contact lenses make you a star in the public.

3. How to Apply?

To apply colored contact lenses follows the same procedure as to apply normal contact lenses:

Before applying,

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly.

2. Use Soap and then Flush Them with Running Water Tap.

3. Remember Do Not Dry Your Hands with Towels and Tissue Made with Short Fiber to Prevent Fiber Go Into Your Eyes Attaching on Lenses.

4. Then Flush Your Fingers You Use to Hold Your Lenses with Care Solution.

5. Better not to do nail salon if you are new in using contact lenses because with those beautiful nails it might reduce your sensitivity of fingertips.

6. You can also use tools such as tweezers that design for applying contact lenses. Also, make sure to keep them clean.

 Attention Here Girls!!!

1. Do not wear contact lenses when you are going to bed!

2. Take a 30 minutes’ nap is OK but do not exceed.

3. When we are in sleep, our body starts healing.

4. Body function tends to think that the lenses are a part of your body so a lot of protein will be produced to wrap up lenses.

5. Many cases have suggested that wearing contact lenses to bed is very dangerous, ending up going to the hospital.


4. How to Maintain

1. Avoid exposing yourself under sunlight if you are using contact lenses.

2. Avoid looking directly at the sun with your lenses on.

3. Disinfect your contact lenses case.

4. It is better if you use a new case every month.

5. Given that there are many kinds of cases with different color and picture out there. Just add these cheap contact lenses cases into your cart.

6. High temperature tends to nurture bacteria on the surface of lenses.

7. Do remember wash and disinfect.

If not, eye disease might come. Some girls might say it is too complicated to do so many things just to take care of contact lenses.

After all, there are so many discount contact lenses out on the Internet. In short, be diligent, be good-looking.

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