Three Colored Contact Lenses on Your Weekends

Posted by Eric Lin on

It's about weekends, here I'd like to recommend you five colored contact lenses, perhaps some of which you've heard before, like Femii, Olens and so forth. Also, you could get to know and shop more high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses on

1. Bijou

Bijou Brown 5

Bijou Brown 5 is a daily disposable type, with 14.1 mm diameter and 38% water content. The pattern is very special——spiral milk brown color, suitable for those girls who love the gentle charming style.

2. Olens

Olens Russian Silver

Olens Russian Silver, daily disposable, the diameter is 14.2 mm and the water content is 38%. This type of Olens is full of mixed-blood feelings and it's not so easy to harness. Therefore, unless you are the chosen one otherwise you need to do your makeup first!

3. Clalen Iris 

Clalen Iris Suzy Grey

Olens Suzy Grey, although it is the grey color, when you wearing it you can see into the mirror it has a little bit of blue, very natural and comfortable.

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