The Facts You Should Know about Colored Contacts (2)

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Do you know when to replace your color contact lenses? Do you know when to remove your color contacts? Today,, the largest online cheap colored contacts store, will tell you something basics of color contacts.

1. When to Remove Color Contact Lenses

Until 1979, everyone who wore color contact lenses removed and cleaned them nightly. Now, two types of color contact lenses are classified by wearing time:

Daily Disposable  — Must Be Removed Nightly

Extended Wear — Can Be Worn Overnight Over 7 Days.

"Continuous wear" is maximum 30 consecutive nights of lens wear — approved by the FDA for certain brands of extended wear lenses.

2. When To Replace Your Contact Lenses

Even with proper care, cheap color contact lenses (especially soft contacts) should be replaced frequently to prevent risks of eye infections.

Soft cheap color contact lenses have these general classifications, based on how frequently they should be replaced:

The most frequently cheap colored contact lens in 2017 was monthly disposable(40%), followed by daily disposable(35%), weekly disposable (24%) and annually disposable (1%).

1. Daily Disposable Lenses — Discard after A Single Day Use

2. Weekly Disposable Lenses — Discard Every Two weeks, or Sooner

3. Quarterly Replacement Lenses — Discard Monthly or Quarterly

4. Traditional (Reusable) Lenses — Discard Every Six Months or Longer

Gas permeable cheap color contact lenses are the more resistant lens and don't need to be discarded as frequently as soft lenses.

For your health of eyes,, the largest online discount colored contacts shop, recommend you to replace color contacts daily at an affordable price.

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