Something You Need to Know Before Wearing Colored Contacts

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Perhaps, it is the most horrible thing that someone never reads the specifications before he/she is using that product——Or you are a real genius or you are a fool! Please read the product specifications carefully before using any products because it’s the safest way to protect your rights and personal safety!

Hereby it’s my pleasure to list something basic and essential you should know before wearing colored contacts!

1. Water Content

1) High water content colored contacts have high oxygen permeability, however, you will be easy to feel dry! For the reason that the water of high water content colored contacts will relevantly volatilize more into the air, therefore your eyes will absorb more water).

2) Low water content colored contacts are with worse oxygen permeability, so in the same way, you will not be easy to feel dry.

Comparing to the beauties in Europe and America, the eyes of the Asians are not that moist, therefore low water content will be much more comfortable for them.

2. Oxygen Permeability

The higher the oxygen permeability the healthier to our cornea! When wearing colored contacts, it’s not advisable to close your eyes for a long time and over half hour you may take your colored contacts out of your eyes! Because if you don’t take the lenses out of your eyes it will be much more possible to catch an illness, like Pinkeye and other infections.

3. Central Thickness

As for central thickness, surely the thin lens is far more comfortable, the ultra-thin central thickness is less than 0.04mm, and the medium is from 0.05 to 0.08mm.

4. Materials

The non-ionic materials are not easy to absorb the protein deposits and maintain lenses clean, meanwhile bringing you clear vision. Besides, another material is called Silicone Hydrogel: when wearing the lenses made of this kind of materials, you will get evident foreign body feelings, so you need some time to get used to it.

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