Notes of Eight Korean Brand Olens Colored Contact Lenses

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I do believe that if you are a fan of Korean cosmetic makeup products, you've certainly heard of the colored contact lenses brand named Olens. Furthermore, you could get to know more about the information about high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses in, a well-known colored contact lenses special sales website.


Korean brand Olens colored contact lenses monthly disposable is more natural, I prefer the lens with the smaller coloring diameter like 13.2~13.5 is cool.

1) Olens Someday Brown

Olens Someday Brown is with 14.2 mm diameter, the coloring diameter is 13.3 and the base curve is 8.6. The color is goldish and brown with a little bit orange. Very natural one.

2) Someday Grey

Olens Someday Grey is designed with the black outer ring and the dark grey inner ring, and your eyes will look bright and beautiful.

3) Olens Wannabe Camel Brown

Olens Wannabe Camel Brown is the natural brown type, the color of the inner ring is lighter than the outer ring, and your eyes look brighter.

4) Olens Wannabe Humming Brown


Olens Wannabe Humming Brown is quite the natural type like the camel brown, very natural.

5) Olens Crush Brown

Olens Crush Brown is a little bit green and brown with light mixed-blood feeling.


6)Olens Winky Star Brown

Olens Winky Star Brown, natural brown with the larger diameter.

7) Olens Lavender Gold

Olens Lavender Gold is a type of colored contact lenses with mixed-blood feelings: purple color and the inner ring is the golden color, very nice and elegant one.

8) Olens Russian Velvet Brown

Olens Russian Velvet Brown is a kind of very nice light-gold color, bright and charming.

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