New Korean Colored Contact Lenses Brand Snowycon!

Posted by Eric Lin on

Recently I was obsessed by a new Korean colored contact lenses brand named Snowycon because of its excellent look and performance. Therefore, I would like to recommend this brand to you. In addition, you could know and shop more high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses on, a well-known special sales website.

1) Snowycon-Starlight Pink

The diameter is 14.2 mm and the graphic diameter is 14.0 mm, the base curve is 8.6 mm, the water content is 38%. Very cute and exotic, suitable for those girls who are in love with the mixed feelings.

2) Snowycon-Starlight Grey 

Snowycon-Starlight Grey kind of mixed-blood, but quite natural and nice.

3) Snowy-Starlight Blue

Snowycon-starlight Blue is that baby blue, young and smart, suitable for those girls who love the low-key delicacy and luxury.

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