My Five Japanese Colored Contact Lenses

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As for me, because of my sensitive eyes, it's not easy for me to shop the suitable colored contact lenses. Therefore, I prefer the daily disposable ones. Moreover, you could find and shop more in, a famous high-quality but cheap colored contacts special sales website.

1. Evercolor

1) Evercolor Airy Brown One Day 

Evercolor Airy Brown One Day, the diameter is 14.5 mm, base curve is 8.7 mm and the water content is 42.5%. Very comfortable and natural for me, and the color is very delicate and beautiful. 

2. Larme


1) Larme Honey Sweet

Larme Honey Sweet Daily Disposable, the diameter is 14.5 mm, the base curve is 8.9 mm and the water content is 42.5%. The pattern is very good-looking, as well as the package! 

2) Larme Mist Vert 

The pattern color of the Larme Mist Vert can be described as flowlessness.

3. Lalish

1) Lalish Loose Mirage

Lalish Loose Mirage Daily disposable is with the warm fuzzy feelings, natural and graceful.

4. Recoco

1) Recoco Lucent Leaf

Recoco Lucent Leaf Daily Disposable with chocolate color (brown mixed with the green color), is very natural without exaggerated feelings: the inner and the outer ring match together, which makes your eyes more profound.

5. Femii

1) Femii French Coral 

Femii French Coral Daily Disposable is with small diameter but it has extraordinary effects, natural and glamorous. 

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