My Favorite Colored Contacts Care Solution

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1. Ronto C3 Moist

The most comfortable contact lenses care solution I have ever met! Ronto C3 Moist is suitable for those people who are easy to feel dry when wearing contacts. Besides, the Japanese design is very useful, and you can uncover the bottle with your one hand, it’s very convenient and user-friendly.

2. Ronto Lycee

Ronto Lycee Eye Lotion is suitable for those people who are wearing contact lenses for a long time and it can prevent you from eye disease. Comfortable, cool and refreshing.

3. Sante Beauteye

Sante Beauteye is a higher-class Japanese eyewash, which is very popular with the models and movie stars. Sante Beauteye eyewash is easily driving away your dry eyes and eyes fatigue and protects your cornea, making your eyes far more bright, clean and transparent.

4. Sante FX NEO

Sante FX NEO eyewash can easily drive away your eye fatigue and repair your red blood streak. Extremely cool and refreshing, it can instantly uplift your spirit!

Besides, you need to use the above-mentioned eye care solutions to take care of your contact lenses, and to make your contact lenses more comfortable to wear!

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