Korean Famous Fashion Blogger Pony's Favorite Colored Contact Lenses

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I believe that most of us have heard the Name of Pony, a very skillful Korean fashion blogger. If you have not heard her name before, I strongly advise you search her name on the Internet. Besides, there are lots of her makeup education on Youtube.

Referring to the most wearing colored contact lenses of Pony, it should be Luna Natural, a popular Japanese colored contact brand. Moreover, you could know and shop more high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses on meitongs.hk, a pretty good special sales colored contact lenses website.

Luna Natural

1) Luan Natural Almond Monthly Disposable

The outer ring of Luna Almond is coca brown and the inner ring is light coffee color and the color combination like this type will make your eyes look more profound and noble.

2) Luna Natural Aqua Monthly Disposable

Luna Natural Aqua is belonging to the blue color series, very dynamic.

3) Luna Natural Cacao Monthly Disposable

Luna Cacao, comparing to the Luna Almond, has the deeper color because the Luna Cacao is dark brown, Luna Almond is more mature and Luna Cacao is cuter. 

4) Luna Chai Monthly Disposable

The color of Luna Chai is very transparent and fresh, the outer ring is cocoa color and the inner ring is milky mixed green and yellow color.

5) Luna Natural Moron Monthly Disposable

Luna Maron is a quite traditional brown color, very natural and pure.

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