#It Eyes, It Girls! (Episode 1)

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#It Eyes, exactly like its name, fashionable and avant-garde. New Japanese brand, fresh and mix, suitable for those trendy young girls. Alos, you could get to know and shop more original, high-quality but cheap colored contact lenses on meitongs.hk, a famous special sales website.

#It Eyes

#It Eyes Mix Series

1) Sheer Gray

Sheer Gray is one-day disposable, the diameter is 14.0 mm. The outer ring is gray and the inner ring is kind of orange, pretty mix feeling.

2) Tight Brown

Tight Brown has the brown outer ring and has the orange color inner ring. In general, it will be more natural as for it combination.

3) Jelly Brown

Jelly Brown has a different pattern design, like the dot distribution, quite different.

4) Fox Brown

The color of the inner and the outer ring of the Fox Brown is the same, the light bright. Very mix and charming.

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