How to Correctly Choose Your Contact Lenses and Colored Contacts (The Full Version)

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Comparing to the traditional glasses, the new-trend contact lenses have a lot more advantages:

1. Contact lenses have the function of corneal protection. It can release medicine slowly.

Contact lenses are used to treat the eye chemistry burn, glaucoma, keratitis and other eye diseases clinically. It can also protect the retina from excessive ultraviolet radiation in patients with iris defect and albinism;

2. Wearing contact lenses allows you to see more clearly and see more broadly.

When wearing traditional glasses, because there is a certain distance between the eyes and glasses, the contact lens is tightly attached to the surface of the cornea. Without the distance between the eyes, so the image is likely to be true.

1. Wearing contact lenses is far more comfortable and convenient. Avoiding the pressure to your nose bridge, and contact lenses are not easy to be broken.

However, there also are disadvantages, such as if you didn’t clean your contact lenses in time, the protein, bacteria and the dirt will easily adhere to the lenses, causing the corneal edema, corneal neovascularization reaction.

Therefore, it’s very important for us to choose the right contact lenses and colored contacts, in order to keep the balance between your health and beauty. Now please follow my words to choose your contact lenses and colored contacts!

1. First of all, you need to read the practical parameters of the contact lenses.

For example, the water content: The higher the water content of lenses, the more water the lenses need under the normal circumstances. Under the premise of the same material, the higher the water content, the better the oxygen permeability. Also, the lens is much softer. In opposite, the lower the water content, the harder the lens is, the smaller the transformation degree.

1) Low Water Content:38%

2) Medium Water Content:42%~60%

3) High Water Content: Over 60%

Nevertheless, the higher the water content, the stronger the water absorption ability, and your eyes will easy to feel dry. When the water content is over 50%, the lens is easy to be damaged and deformed, easily can be seen in the daily disposable contact lenses.

The lens with low water content has a long service time, not easy to absorb the sediments, and it can correct slight astigmatism.


1. The high myopia lenses have a thick edge and worse oxygen permeability. We suggest you choose the lenses with high water content and oxygen permeability;

2. If your eyes are easy to feel dry, it’s much safer and more suitable for you to choose the low water content lenses;

3. If your eyes are moist, but with short wearing time, you could choose the high water content lenses;

2. Secondly, pay attention to the central thickness. The thin contact lenses are with good oxygen permeability and comfort, but the lenses are easy to be dry, to dehydrate, or even break.

1) Ultra-thin: Central thickness——lower than 0.04mm

2) Standard: Central thickness——0.04~0.09mm

3) Thick: Central Thickness——Over 0.09mm

In general, the colored contacts are adopted the sandwich technique, however, the triple-layer design is hard to be made into the ultra-thin type, therefore, the colored contacts are generally 0.04~0.06mm.

If you have bad eyesight, you should choose the Rigid breathable contact lenses rather than the soft contact lenses.

3. Oxygen permeability: The 80% oxygen that our cornea needs are coming from the air, after wearing contact lenses, your cornea is in anoxic. If your cornea is in oxygen deficit situation, there will be side effects in your eyes. Therefore, the colored contact and the contact lenses are demanded to have enough oxygen permeability.

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You should choose your colored contacts according to the size of your eyes: What suits yourself is the best!

1. We advise you to put in the colored contacts before makeup and take out before you remove your makeup;

2. We advise you to pay attention to the lens patterns when you put in the lenses because the patterns of the lens front side are perfectly connected, but the adverse side doesn’t.

3. We strongly advise you to read the instructions carefully and wash your hands before you wear colored contacts. Besides, don’t wear colored contacts too long and especially don’t go to bed with your colored contacts;

4. To wear your colored contacts and your glasses alternatively, to give some time for your eyes to rest;

Remember, to choose your contact lenses and colored contacts correctly can make you look more beautiful and glamorous!


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