First time buying colored contact lenses? Something you should know (2)

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Girls are often confused when shopping colored contact lenses for the first time. You may be motivated by your peers. Sometimes it is just a discount contact lenses ads on the website with an attractive coupon. The new gate opens. Enlightening as it is, girls, realize that to upgrade appearance at a low cost, “cheap” contacts are way more user-friendly than plastic surgery.

1. How to calculate your degrees?

1. If you need to correct astigmatism within -1.00 degree. Adding up 50% astigmatism degree and optometry degree will do it.

2. If you cannot find the exact degree fitting your eyes, choose the closest degree lower than your figure.

3. All the above are for new users.

4. Choose plain lenses if no correction is needed.

2. When to wear new colored contact lenses?

All the colored contact lenses are packed with fluid, a chemistry in bottles or plastic seals.  After unpacking new lenses, the first thing to do is putting them in nursing fluid for a few hours. Then you can put them on without feeling uncomfortable.

3. Why are your eyes feeling dry?

Some girls said that their eyes suffer from the dry condition after using colored contact lenses. Tear gland and sensitivity of eyes have something to do with the condition.

If you stay in a dry environment with low humidity, eyes tend to be less humid. When using electronic devices with contact lenses on, dryness becomes worse. It is the time that you need eye drops to relieve. But do not use too many times as it will develop dependency.

4. Will color on the lenses fade?

Some colored contact lenses users said that they have experienced color fading after using lenses for a period of time. The reason could only be the quality of the products. Those products fail to meet the standard, obviously.

Colored contact lenses with good quality require complicated manufacturing techniques. Instead of just putting a color coating on lenses, production of colored contact lenses is a deep level processing.

5. Shelf-life of colored contact lenses

You should be cautious when checking shelf-life. Normally, contact lenses have three years’ shelf-life. Take Korean colored contact lenses as an example, most of them are for yearly use and stored in plastic bottles. When you are about to use them, check shelf-life and lifetime at the same time.

If shelf-life of a yearly-lenses are of six months, even if you just open the package, you should not use them longer than six months.

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