Eight Japanese Daily Disposable Colored Contacts for You (Chapter Two)

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3. Miche Bloomin

Miche Bloomin is a famous Japanese colored contacts brand, which is not only famous for its colorful and delicate patterns but also famous for ways of naming its colored contacts, for example, brand name + #color number + Colored contacts name, which is very easy for us to choose our favorites! Besides, Miche Bloomin is more exotic and full of mixed feelings, more suitable for those girls who love the mixed feelings.

1) Miche Bloomin Sepia Rich#201

Miche Bloomin Sepia Rich#201 perhaps the most conservative color in Miche Bloomin, but it doesn’t stop me from loving its wearing effects!

The outer ring is an ultra-thin mild black string, and the inner ring is a radical reddish brown, which makes your eyes more profound and beautiful.

However, you should not wear it for over five hours more, maybe it’s a little bit easy to be dry. Except for this disadvantage, you can be a fairy when you wearing Miche Bloomin Sepia Rich#201.

2) Miche Bloomin Ivy Lady#206

Miche Bloomin Ivy Lady#206 is decorated with very special patterns: the outer ring is a so soft warm brown, and the inner ring is an evident orange-brown, which looks like mixed-blood barbie.

Besides, girls, you need a mixed-blood makeup to bring out the real temperament of #206! (P.S. If you are a mixed-blood barbie please automatically ignore these words!)

Moreover, you could know more and shop the high-quality but cheap colored contacts on meitongs.hk, the well-known special sales website that brings together the global brands color contacts, and they have brands like Annasui, GEO (Geolica), Putia, Angel Color, Loveil, Seed, NEO, Naturali, Lalish-Aisei, Bausch Lomb, Hydron and NOMI and so forth.

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