Eight Japanese Daily Disposable Colored Contacts for You (Chapter One)

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Before we get into the topic of the eight Japanese daily disposable colored contacts for you, I'd like to tall about my standards.

Firstly, the comfort level. Normally I will wear colored contacts for eight hours above, therefore the comfort level is very important to me. No matter how delicate are the patterns I wouldn’t shop it again if the contacts are not comfortable to me.

Secondly, the colors and the patterns. Perhaps I’ve worked for several years and personally I preferred the natural style, I would like to choose the natural ones to wear, generally the 14 mm~14.2mm.

Thirdly, the price. In a general way I would like to try the small box of the colored contacts, if they are suitable for me then I would buy more. Perhaps it’s an economical and safe way to shop. However, the price is not really important, on the contrary, the quality does.

1. Putia PalmBrun

I highly recommend Putia PalmBrum for you! Because of its good comprehensive performance, I want to recommend her to you. With great water content, I can wear it for more than seven hours without feeling dry. They have five types of patterns, and the Palmbrun have very close colors of the inner ring and the outer ring, something like the gradual change, natural, soft and transparent.

2. Angel Color Bambi Series Vintage Nude

The outer ring lines of this series of Angel Color Vintage Nude is very soft and have radical patterns in the middle. Besides, its lens is very soft and thin, so it’s very comfortable to wear. However, you need to prepare for the eyedrops when you are going to wear it for several hours because its persistence is not so good as Putia. But after all, it is excellent.

Moreover, you could buy more high-quality but cheap colored contacts in meitongs.hk, a special sales website that brings together the global brands color contacts, and they have brands like Annasui, GEO (Geolica), Putia, Angel Color, Loveil, Seed, NEO, Naturali, Lalish-Aisei, Bausch Lomb, Hydron and NOMI and so forth.

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