6 Japanese Colored Contacts for You (1)

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Perhaps, the very first thing comes to our mind is Sushi when we talk about Japan. Also, Japan is famous for its Manga (Japanese comic), distinguished fashion design brands (Comme des Garcons by Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo and so on).

Besides, Japanese colored contacts are also famous for great quality and fashionable design styles. Hereby, we are highly recommending you the following 12 high-grade but cheap colored contacts.

1. Loveil One-Day Disposable Colored Contacts

1) Loveil Midnight Umber

Loveil Midnight Umber, the classic of the classics, the color differences of the inner ring and the outer ring is large, therefore, your eyes will look especially three-dimensional! With very good comfort, you can wear it for more than 9~10 hours.

2) Loveil Ash Grege

Loveil Ash Grege, highly recommended by a lot of makeup bloggers. Unique color and with layering patterns!

2. Ever Color One-day Natural Moist Label UV

Ever Color Moist Label Innocent Glam, with great comfort and good moisture level, is popular with those small pupil girls, and you can wear it for over 10 hours!

1) Ever Color Moist Label Sweet Luxe

Ever Color Moist Label Sweet Luxe——The different brown level of the inner and outer ring makes your eyes bright and gentle, and you can wear it all day long! But remember to take it out before your bedtime because it’s not healthy for your eyes.

2) Ever Color Nudy Veil

Ever Color Nudy Veil, light brown, natural and gentle!

3) Ever Color Feminine Dew

Ever Color Feminine Dew, bluish grey, is more matching with the cool tone eyeshadow. Comfortable and adorable!

3. SEED Eye Coffret One Day UV

1) SEED Eye Coffret One Day UV Base Make

SEED Eye Coffret One Day UV Base Make, the classic gentle colored contacts series, suitable for those first-time wearers!

2) SEED Eye Coffret One Day UV Rich Make

SEED Eye Coffret One Day UV Rich Make is famous for its comfort level No.1——you can even wear it for more than 20 hours without feeling dry!

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